RPS Settings Command

D_RPSsettings_600ppi   RPS Settings

Command Licensing and Default Menu Location

  • The RPS Settings command is part of the RPS Core Tools included with all Toolboxes
  • The command is located on the Tool Shed macros menu ribbon
  • The command is located in the Core menu group

Command Description

Set up Rockpile Solutions TML settings that are used in a variety of commands, to increase command consistency and reduce dialog clutter.

We have just started to use RPS Settings as a location for key settings that will get used in different RPS commands. Our goal here is to use this like Project Settings in TBC but for RPS Commands. The intent is to automate many actions by defining a set of settings that get called on when needed that will be used to set up styles, colors, default layers, and default properties for the processes that we execute in the RPS commands. In this way you can change it once or as needed and affect all future command executions that use the settings.

Where RPS Settings is used, you will find the icon for the command in the RPS Command header bar, so that it is always accessible within the commands that utilize the settings defined here.

Command Interface Description

The RPS Settings command dialog looks as follows

Highlight Colors:

Primary Highlight Color:
This is used in commands like Geometric Selection as the primary selection color. For example if you select 1000 objects to sort through, they will be highlighted using TBCs default highlight color e.g. Magenta. When you define or apply a geometric selection filter those objects that meet the criteria defined by the filter will be highlighted in this Primary highlight color.

Secondary Highlight Color:
This is also used in commands like Geometric Selection as the secondary selection color. For example if you select 1000 objects to sort through, those objects will be listed in the table of selected objects. If you select a row within the table, the object selected will be highlighted graphically using the secondary highlight color.

Show Direction:

The Show Direction command currently manages its own settings, we have placed them here also so that you can more readily access them when in commands that us the Show Direction functionality.

Arrow Colors:
Left Color:
Select the color that you wish the left side of the arrow to be colored with - for those nautical types out there Port or Left would be Red and Starboard or Right would be Green. The arrows that indicate a lines direction are split into a right and left side, each side can be colored separately. In plan view the arrows are drawn as an arrow head, in 3D they are drawn as a cone so that they can be seen from any angle.

Right Color:
Select the color that you wish the right side of the arrow to be colored with.

Flag Start and End:

Flag Start Checkbox:
Using the show direction command also allows you to place a flag at the start and end of the line to indicate the line extents. This is helpful when source lines are fragmented and you are trying to determine where line elements start and end. Check here to enable the start of line flag

Select the color for the start of line flag.

Flag End Checkbox:
Check here to enable the end of line flag.

Select the color for the end of line flag.

Saves changes to the settings. All settings are global in nature. When you start a new project, the last used RPS Settings will be applied to all commands that utilize the settings.

Closes the command without changing the settings.

Video Demonstration

The following video shows how to utilize the RPS Settings command

Feedback and Enhancement Requests

If you would like to provide feedback on the use of the RPS Settings command or to request enhancements or improvements to the command please Click Here