RPS Settings - File Locations Settings

D_RPSsettings_600ppi   RPS Settings

File Locations:
The first settings group is the File locations group. This has a single setting that allows you to define the location on your computer or office network where you want o store your settings files. If you right click in the path field, you can initiate a browse process that can be started in the current projects data folder (Project data) or from your last browsed location (Browse …). If you click the […] button that will start a browse process in your last browsed location. The location selected here will create a file called RegisterSettings that stores a registry of all the current settings files. The settings files for each function will be created in the same folder location. Each command or function will have it’s own settings file (filename.RPS). If you choose to change the current location, you will be prompted as follows on clicking OK to close the RPS Settings dialog.


Copies the current RPS Settings file from the current folder location to the new folder location. The original file and file location are left untouched.

Moves the current RPS Settings file from it’s current location to the new folder location.

Do nothing:
Selects the new folder location, but does not move or copy the RPS Settings file, thereby resetting all settings to default or undefined values.

Click the Move, Copy or Do Nothing button to proceed.

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