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Earthworks Settings

Earthworks is a Browser based Software product developed by Rockpile Solutions in partnership with Trimble as a solution that can be deployed on Corporate Networks and Private Cloud instances for corporate entities, government projects or in countries where placing project data on the open internet is prohibited. Earthworks utilizes Trimble Connected Community, the Trimble Raptor Productivity Server for machine based productivity monitoring and the Earthworks Application developed by Rockpile Solutions to provide the user experience, dashboards and reporting requirements for a project.

There are two Rockpile commands that support the Earthworks system - the Earthworks Website command and the Earthworks Work Orders command that provide connectivity between Trimble Business Center and the Earthworks system for the creation and management of project / work order data and surveyed surface information.

The Earthworks Settings provide the following options

Server Address:
Enter the URL address to the server on which the Earthworks system is installed. Contact your IT department for details if you need assistance.

User name:
Enter your TCC / Earthworks user name to log into the Earthworks System

Enter your TCC / Earthworks organization name to log into the Earthworks System

Enter your TCC / Earthworks password to log into the Earthworks System

Verify credentials button:
Once you have entered the above information, click this button to test the connection to the Earthworks System and to verify your login credentials. If the credentials pass, you will be able to use the Earthworks related commands.

Earthworks project:
Typically an Earthworks System is deployed on a single long term project e.g. a Mine, Large Civil Project, Landfill Site etc. and you will only have one Earthworks Project. If you do have more than one project, select the project that you wish to work with here from the list generated from the Earthworks System.

Only show work orders created with this TBC project checkbox:
As a user you can create data for a project inside one or more TBC projects. If you have multiple TBC projects, when you interact with the Earthworks System, you likely only want to see and interact with Work Orders that were generated and uploaded from the current TBC project. Typically check this checkbox unless you want to see a list of all work orders generated by all TBC projects over all time.

Show archived work orders checkbox:
As work orders are executed and completed, they will be approved and then archived. Typically you do not need to see or interact with archived work orders, in which case leave this checkbox unchecked. If you do need to see all archived work orders, check this checkbox.

Note: Work Orders can only be archived through the Earthworks System itself.

Press OK to accept the changes and close the RPS Settings command

Press Cancel to reject the changes and close the RPS Settings command.

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