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RPS News

In this section you will find News about Rockpile Solutions and what we are up to. Exciting times are ahead, and we look forward to making you more competitive.

RPS Events (Info Only)

Rockpile hosts a variety of in person and online training sessions via the MyRockpile Library throughout the year. Please view the below links for our up to date upcoming training information and visit the library to view or purchase training access!

MyRockpile Training Library

The MyRockpile Library is your one stop shop for all your Trimble Business Center training needs. The video below provides an overview of the system for individual users or small groups of users and shows you how to access all of the training classes, resources and live training events that we offer during the year.

RPS Solutions Offerings

In this category we provide you with information about the main product and service offerings that we provide, including

User Q & A (Post Here)

Ask all of your daily use questions here and try to tag them with key words so that they are searchable by others. We will respond to your posts directly, and if merited will add a post to the Work Process posts as well.

Pro Tips from the Community

If you have a great use tip with a developed workflow, please post it here for the benefit of the community! We are happy to help you streamline your workflow for the tip, so please let us know where and when we are needed. Your “Pro Tips” help raise capability levels across the community, so please share today!

RPS Command Library (Info Only)

The Rockpile Solutions RPS Command Library is a growing list of commands that extend the use and power of the Trimble Business Center platform. We are committed to supporting the Geospatial and Construction communities with high quality, advanced tools that make you more productive, and help you to tackle any problem using Trimble Business Center.

TBC Work Processes (Info Only)

In this category of Topics we will capture Work Process methodology in a Blog format. If you wish to post questions or request that we address specific issues, please place those in the general Q&A Topic so that we keep these “Blog Posts” clean and easy to read and follow.

TBC Libraries and Templates (Downloads)

In this area we will post Rockpile Solutions Premium Content available only to Rockpile Solutions Subscribers.

Trouble Shooting

In this category I will post common Troubleshooting problems with Installing TBC, TBC operations, TBC installation management etc. as we encounter them. We will also post files that you may need for resolving the issues that you are seeing.

New Product Requests (Post Here)

Put all your enhancement requests and new feature requirements in here for our developers to look at and see what we can do to assist you.

Trimble Software News (Info Only)

In this category we will showcase news relating to Trimble Software Solutions for Construction and Geospatial applications. In addition we will capture Software product and Versioning information so that you can track what is available out there.

Useful Links and Websites (Info Only)

In this section I will post any useful Websites or links that I use or find out about that may assist you in your daily work. I suggest you click the links and then Bookmark the Web Pages in your browser if you find them helpful.

RPS Tracker

RPS Tracker is a new System from Rockpile Solutions to manage and track Truck Haulage operations that is simple to deploy using Android Tablets in owned or sub-contracted on or off-road trucks. The RPS Tracker System comprises three parts

Works Manager

In this Category we will capture support and help information for Works Manager Users. If you have questions post them in the General Q&A area and we will answer them and then move the topics that are relevant to Works Manager into this area as a useful resource.

File Flipper

File Flipper for the Web or PC was created to provide a simple means of converting files from selected file types into files and folder structures required by the GCS900 (v12.7+) and Earthworks Machine Control Systems.

Machines and Controllers

In this section we will capture useful notes and information about the Machine Control and Site Positioning Systems that may be handy to know


In this Category, you will find Information about the Siteworks Field Software, help, support, training videos as well as useful support tools and downloads etc.

Site Feedback (Post Here)

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Career Opportunities and Available For Hire

I am getting quite frequent requests from people looking to hire modelers or estimators for their team, so I figured we could do a trial here to see if we can connect people looking for work as Data Prep / Modeler / Estimator and companies looking to hire new staff that would like to use our market presence as a means of connecting people with opportunities.

RPS Earthworks System

In this area you will find training and support materials for the CIS Earthworks System.

RPS Intern Program

In this section of the RPS Community, you will find information specifically related to the RPS Summer Intern Program. This program is for students taking industry placements for the Summer months with construction companies who are sponsoring them to participate in this program. The Program includes