Top RPS Commands

Trimble Business Center (TBC) is a robust software application for survey and construction automation. The tools and commands associated with the TBC application are powerful and extensive, but Rockpile Solutions is making TBC even better for our customers.

The TBC experts at Rockpile Solutions (RPS) have created additional TBC commands (called TMLs) that simplify many of the more complex and time consuming workflows associated with construction project estimating, surface modeling, site preparation, and machine automation.

The full slate of RPS Exclusive Commands:

Of the 82 commands in the Rockpile All Tools collection, some are used more than others, but they are all built to save time and increase productivity for the user. Below, please find more information on the most popular Rockpile TMLs!

  1. Takeoff Lines - For Digitizing and Creating Linework (Takeoff Lines Command)

  2. Smart Join - For quickly joining lines - and fixing the endpoints to make continuous lines - from CAD or PDF sources

  1. Extract Surface Features - to explode surface models and extract feature lines fromTIN Models
  1. Convert to Linestring

To mass convert polylines to linestrings, remove CAD UCS data and clean up vpis and horizontal segments in imported contours

  1. Create Site Improvement Legend - to create a nice looking legend on drawings showing site improvement areas - legend shows materials and material thicknesses for each site improvement type in the project
  1. Cut Fill Labels - To add additional cut fill labels to supplement a cut fill map label grid.
  1. Relayer Command - to rapidly relayer imported CAD or Vector PDF data
  1. Geometric Selection Command - to select data using its length, aspect ratio, number of nodes or other geometric properties eg to separate contour dashes from other information on the same layer.
  1. New Layer Command - See how it helps you to integrate the new layer into the Takeoff Categorization process
  1. Crop Crossing Command - allows you to quickly remove / cut back eg Contours around curb and gutter sections for example
  1. Offset Surface Command - Allows rapid vertical offset of a surface model
  1. Import Boring Logs Command - Allows you to rapidly import and create hundreds of boring logs for projects through direct linking of Excel to TBC. See borehole strata cores in 3D and adjust the values in the spreadsheet to dynamically update the boreholes and strata models
  1. Surface Area by Slope range - Reports surface areas by slope ranges for estimating purposes

A full list of the RPS All Tool commands can be found at: RPS Command Library Outline

Is there a way where we can import linear quantities in the SI legend tool?

The SI Legend command doesn’t really manage Quantities at all today - it simply creates a legend for a drawing that shows where different site improvements / material stacks are being placed around the project and shows which materials are in the stack and how thick the materials are in each stack.

When you say can we import Linear Quantities - what are you trying to create / generate - is this a Linear Mass Haul question - you can import Sectional Areas into TBC to create a simple Linear Mass Haul analysis - is that what you are trying to do - let us know what data you are starting with, and what you want to achieve as a result / output and we will try to advise.

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