Technical Support

Annual Technical Support Agreements

If you require the ability to call or email us for support or request our assistance with technical problems relating to Trimble Business Center, we offer an annual support contract to Trimble Business Center users.

Annual Support Agreement - Named User per year

Single Named User - $595.00
Corporate Portal+ - up to 5 Users $3950
Additional Users - 5-10 is $400 per user, 11+ is $375

Training Courses and Coaching Contracts

There is always a fine line between Technical Support, Training and Consulting requirements for our users.

At Rockpile Solutions we are highly committed to helping you successfully deploy and use Trimble Business Center and the RPS extension solutions. Our support contracts are there to provide you with TBC support of the highest level - we are a committed group of professionals with a desire to make you more competitive.

Technical Support is defined as assisting users with a single problem relating to use of the product at any one time, and to a more limited extent the deployment and installation of the product that typically will take less than 20 minutes (max) to resolve.

Technical Support from RPS does not include extensive computer, windows, network or graphics issue resolution, while we will endeavor to assist you with these problems, if the problem is not directly related to a TBC technical issue (use of the software, function of the software, process with the software) we will refer you back to your SITECH dealer and or Trimble Support to instigate a support ticket with Trimble for troublesome installations if we cannot resolve them quickly.

Where users need help that we determine to be a training need (teaching you in detail how to use the software or how to do a task or set of tasks) we will offer you an appropriate training program i.e. an appropriate online training course from our library of training programs or upcoming classes or a block of our consultants time to assist you through the on boarding or learning process that you are trying to achieve.

If you require assistance with projects we will refer you to a consulting program with one of our specialists and will provide you with a proposal for our support.