RPS Offerings Overview

Rockpile Solutions’ goal is simple: To make you more competitive.

Combination Specials
Take advantage of all Rockpile has to offer through exceptional savings available through combination specials. If you are in need of TMLs, Training, and/or Technical Support for TBC, a combination special may be right for you!

All Tools, Season Pass, Tech Support $2195
Modeling & Estimating, Season Pass, Tech Support $1980

TMLs (Trimble Macro Language Commands) for Trimble Business Center
Rockpile develops tools that increase productivity through task automation, keystroke reduction, and tackling work processes not addressed by the core TBC product.

RPS All Tools – 1 Year Subscription $1285
RPS Modeling & Estimating – 1 Year Subscription $1085
RPS Modeling – 1 Year Subscription $595
RPS Data Prep – 1 Year Subscription $595
RPS Takeoff – 1 Year Subscription $595
RPS Tool Shed – 1 Year Subscription $595
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Solutions for your fleet.

Training Programs
Rockpile offers a variety of training classes on subjects pertaining to Trimble Business Center & Rockpile Solutions Tools. Classes can be purchased individually or with Pass Packages for significant savings. Future classes are available live and all recorded & indexed sessions are available on demand via the MyRockpile Library, hosted on Absorb, with a subscription. All live classes are available with any level of Season Pass subscription.

RPS Season Pass – All Disciplines for 1 Year $895
RPS Season Pass - Single Discipline for 1 Year $695
RPS Season Pass - TBC Fundamentals for 1 Year $350
RPS Corporate Portal – $2500
RPS Corporate Portal+ with Technical Support - $3950
RPS Coaching, Team, or Individualized Training - ON REQUEST

UPCOMING: Class Schedule
ACCESS: MyRockpile Library
REQUEST: Clinics

Project & Corporate Consulting
Rockpile Solutions employs industry specialists with complete understanding of the Trimble Business Center Platform. We can create custom solutions as well through our TML development team, allowing you to address problems not currently addressed by the TBC platform. Please note that consulting engagement often result in less than 10 hours of 1:1 time as time will be spent developing training or reviewing your data prior to meeting.

RPS Consulting – ON REQUEST
SET UP: Consulting

Technical Support
Live help when you need. Annual support contracts that give you the ability to call Rockpile for support and request assistance with Trimble Business Center technical problems. Technical Support is defined as assisting users with a single problem relating to use of the product at any one time, and to a more limited extent the deployment and installation of the product that typically will take less than 20 minutes (max) to resolve. For more information, please see: Technical Support Information

RPS Tech Support – Annual Subscription $595
ACQUIRE: Support

Forum Engagement
Rockpile provides support for the Trimble Business Center and Rockpile communities utilizing the MyRockpile forum. The community has public areas where you can find searchable support information for TBC and the RPS TML Command Library. Forum users may post questions, answers, and comments to existing threads. Past posts are viewable and searchable on the site. In addition, Rockpile Subscribers will be gain access to premium content areas of the forum. The forum is accessible by pressing the F1 key while any Rockpile Solutions TML command is open or by visiting the web link below.