Station / Offset Points Command

D_CreatePointByStationOffset_600ppi   Station / Offset Points

Command Licensing and Default Menu Location

  • The Station / Offset Points command is part of the RPS Data Prep Toolbox
  • The command is located on the Data Prep macros menu ribbon
  • The command is located in the Create / Edit menu group

Command Description

Creates points through input of station and offset values with respect to a selected alignment.

*** ## Command Interface Description

The Station / Offset Points command dialog looks as follows

Point ID:
Input the point ID for the first point that you will create using this process. All subsequent points will be created with an increment of 1 from the starting Point ID.

Select the layer on which you want to place the points created.

Reference Alignment:
Select the alignment that you wish to use as the reference for the station and offset values that you enter for this process to create the points required.

Create Dependent Points checkbox:
Check this checkbox if you want the points to be tied as a dependent object to the selected alignment. If checked, and subsequently the alignment is edited, the points will move with the alignment because of this dependency. If unchecked, the points will be created at their Northing, Easting and Elevation location and will have no dependency on the alignment, allowing them to be freely moved or edited thereafter.

Enter the station value for the point.

If you intend to enter several values at the same station, you can click on the small arrow to the right side of the entry field and when enabled, this will cause the station value to be auto-dupilcated for each point until a new value is entered or until the sticky status is removed.

Enter the offset value for the point.

Enter the elevation value for the point.

If you do not want to enter elevation values, or if you want the elevation values to be duplicated on each point entered, click the small arrow to the right of the entry field (turns orange) to enable the “Sticky” status.

Enter the feature code for the point.

The Station, Offset and Elevation value that you enter will be used to compute a Northing, Easting and Elevation for the point. the point will then be placed at that location in the drawing.

When you tap apply, the station / offset point will be created and the command will ready itself for another selection set and repeat process execution. If you do not want to make a second selection and repeat the process tap Close to finish the process.

Note: The Enter key acts as Apply during execution of the command

Closes the command without further execution.

Video Demonstration

The following video shows how to utilize the Station / Offset Points command

Use Case Videos

The following videos show the use of the Station / Offset Points command in a work process context

Feedback and Enhancement Requests

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