RPS News - November 15th 2021

November 15th: Rockpile announces and releases a number of new elements for the RPS All Tools Toolbox!

New Master Classes Announced: New Master Classes Announced! Winter 2021/2022

New Release Installation Package v4.20

The new release package has been tested and validated to work with TBC versions 5.33, 5.42, 5.52 and 5.60 (being released this week). It can be downloaded from the Rockpile Solutions website - Click Here

All command and RPS system updates can also be downloaded and installed using TMLStatus from inside TBC.

New Commands

The following all new commands are being added to the All Tools package

System Management Tools

We continue to evolve our range of TBC System Management Tools with the goal of making it easier to create and manage customized setups (menus. project templates, toolbars, text styles, dimension styles, label styles, settings templates and styles etc.).

Text Style IO Command:
The Text Style IO command allows you to import and archive your defined text styles into an RPS Settings file, providing the ability to rapidly re-establish your preferred text styles in any project. You can continue to add to or update your text style definitions at any time.

Full documentation and help video Click Here

Toolbar Manager Command:
The Toolbar Manager allows you to import and archive your defined custom toolbars into an RPS Settings file, providing the ability to rapidly re-establish your preferred custom toolbars in any menu configuration setup. You can add to or update your toolbar definitions at any time. You can also control the toolbar icon sizes and toolbar docking / float locations.

Full documentation and help video Click Here

Data Prep and Modeling Tools

Explode Solids Command:
The Explode Solids command provides the ability to explode IFC solid and AutoCAD 3D face objects into points and lines. During the explode process the common face edges are de duplicated and the linework from faces pointing upwards, downwards and outwards (vertical) can be separated into different layers with different colors for easy ongoing use. The command turns IFC solids and 3D Faces into usable 3D linework and points for surface modeling or field use purposes.

Full command documentation and help video Click Here

RPS Copy To Clipboard Command:
The RPS Copy To Clipboard command provides the ability to select objects in a project running in one instance of TBC and copy the objects in a virtual VCL format to the Windows Clipboard. The selected objects can then be pasted into a second project running in a second instance of TBC using an updated version of the RPS Paste command. The process copies the objects as well as their dependent objects e.g. a Surface created from points and lines will copy the surface and the points and lines to the clipboard.

Full command documentation and help video Click Here

Command Updates / Bug Fixes

The following commands have been updated or improved

RPS Paste command:
The RPS Paste command has been updated to work with the RPS Copy to Clipboard command in that it can paste virtual VCL objects from the Windows clipboard into the currently open project. This makes it easy to write and read object level data between projects.

Some additional minor improvements have also been made that do not affect the User Interface. If the copied Text String contains embedded Multi Line Text formats (TBC v5.6 enhancement), those are now honored in the Paste function.

Point Details Report Command:
In line with a customer request we have added the ability to also select reference boundaries (along with reference line and reference surface) so that the report shows which boundary or boundaries a point lies within. While doing this we reorganized the dialog to make it flow a little better and added command tips to assist you more.

Geometric Selection Command:
Some minor enhancements to Geometric Selection have been made to address a null selection error that was generated when nothing was selected.

Slope Designer Command:
The slope designer command has been enhanced to allow both positive and negative cut and fill slopes to accommodate those scenarios where a cut slope can be downwards and a fill slope can be upwards. In all situations for sideslope use, the positive or negative sign must be used to generate the correct slope. Note in the absence of a -ve sign, the +ve is assumed.

If the user failed to select a location / point creator style, a Traceback error was generated. We have enhanced the command so that a more understandable / helpful message is generated.

Reference Surface Enhancements:
The following commands have been enhanced to work with Reference Surfaces generated from the new Reference Files and Reference Surface functionality of TBC v5.60

  • Slope Designer
  • Extract Surface Features
  • Surface to Grid
  • Surface Intersection Linestring
  • Takeoff Lines
  • Import Boring Logs
  • Cut Fill Labels
  • Surface Area by Slope Range
  • Grid Volumes by Boundary
  • Elevation Delta To Corridor
  • Combine Surfaces

The two main issues with Reference Surfaces that had to be addressed were as follows

  1. You cannot add or remove surface members to a reference surface so anywhere that we allow selection of a surface with the intent of being able to add surface members to the selected surface, we had to suppress the selection of a reference surface in the list of available surfaces

  2. Anywhere that we were able to select a surface model had to be updated to allow the selection of a reference surface where applicable.