Onboard Yourself with TMLs - RPS Command Library - TBC v5.80.1 and Lower

RPS Command Library Setup Process

If you would like assistance with your installation
email: Support at Support@RockpileSolutions.com
phone: 720 797 8001

The following video and instructions show / explain how to setup and install your RPS Command Library with Trimble Business Center v5.80.1 and lower.


If you are using Trimble Business Center 5.90 or higher, Click Here to review the video and instructions required for that version.

If you are unsure about which version of TBC you have installed, go to the Support Menu and select the About command and it will display the version number that you are working with.


The documentation below is the full list of process steps if you prefer to follow along that way.

  • Before you get started, ensure that you have a current and compatible version of TBC. These are required because if the Trimble ID changes made on Aug 30 2021.

TBC v5.30.3
TBC v5.40.1
TBC v5.50.2
TBC v5.60.x
TBC v5.70.x
TBC v5.80.x

.x is any patch update for that version

Step 1 - Establish a Trimble ID

  1. Go to https://np.trimble.com/
  2. Select Create a Trimble ID (you can also use this site to reset your password or sign in)
  3. Select Create a Trimble ID
  4. Fill in your details and select Create New Account
  5. The Trimble ID Server will send you a verification code by email
  6. Retrieve the code from the email and enter the verification code to verify your identity
  7. Select your Multi-Factor Authentication options
  8. Make a note of your Trimble ID
  9. Go to our Community Page https://community.myrockpile.com/ and use your Trimble ID to signup / login. This allows us to add you to our subscriber group that will give you access to custom menus, toolbars, project templates and more.
  10. Make a note of your Trimble ID for later use.

Step 2 - Check TBC Setup

  1. In Trimble Business Center, visit the “Support” ribbon. Click on “License Manager”.
  2. In the features area, check what edition you have licensed. Ensure that you have the “Survey Advanced” package enabled and that you have version 5.33, 5.41, 5.52 or v5.6, v5.7 or V5.8 installed.
  3. If you need to update your TBC version, please check your warranty date to see what version you can update to. If you need assistance, please contact our support at support@rockpilesolutions.com with a screenshot of your license manager screen and a contact phone number for you.
  4. Once you have ensured you have version 5.33 or higher of TBC installed, please close all instances of the TBC application.
  5. Wait at least 30 seconds before doing the command library installation in the next step. This gives TBC time to shut down completely and release all of its application components that are running. This is an important step - running the installation program to quickly after a shut down can result in an incomplete installation or update.

Step 3 - Download and Install the Rockpile Command Library Installation Package v5.81 including TMLStatus. Note the v5.91 package is not compatible with TBC v5.80.1 and earlier versions of TBC. The v5.91 package is for TBC v5.90 and higher only.

  1. In your browser, navigate to www.Rockpilesolutions.com
  2. From the Home Page, click the Rockpile Solutions Commands v5.81 (or later) download (blue text in mid screen).
  3. Locate the RockpileSolutionsCommands.exe installation file in your downloads folder and run it by double click.
  4. Follow the installation instructions.

Step 4 - Restart and Setup Trimble Business Center

  1. Start one instance of Trimble Business Center and select “New Project”.
  2. Go to the “Support” ribbon and select “Options”.
  3. From the “Options” window select “External Services - Profiles”.
  4. If there is no text in the white box, click “Create” and select “Trimble Identity Profile”. If you have text already in the box, ensure steps 5 through 7 have been completed.
  5. Name the service “Trimble ID” and click OK.
  6. Select “Trimble Connect” and click “Sign In” and enter your Trimble ID Email address and Password.
  7. Click Sign In. On successful sign in, click OK.

Step 5 - Run TMLStatus to Install any updates to the RPS Command Library

  • Navigate to the Tool Shed menu Ribbon and click the “Menu Manager” icon. Click “Reset RPS Menus” and then click “Refresh Icons” and then “OK” before continuing.
  1. Either one of:

  2. Navigate to the “Tool Shed” ribbon and click the “TMLStatus” icon.

  3. Press the F12 Key to bring up the TBC Command Pane. Type “TMLStatus” and press Enter.

  4. The first time you run TMLStatus you will be asked to enter your user information.

  5. Complete your Name, Company, Title, Phone Number and Marketing Opt Ins.

  6. Optional - Click the Blue Text Items to review / accept the Rockpile Solutions Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  7. TMLStatus will now show the entire list of available RPS TMLs and Services. Ensure any TML that is listed as “Out of Date” or “Not Installed” is selected for update.

  8. Click Update TMLs and the download and installation process will start. Wait until the process is complete and then close TMLStatus. This will have installed the RPS All Tools configuration.

  9. If you do not have an RPS All Tools license, you can be selective of which TMLs to install, however please ensure that the following TMLs / Services are installed and maintained each time you do an update:

Menu Manager
RPS Settings
Rockpile Custom Controls
RPS Utilities

Step 6 - Restart Trimble Business Center

  1. Exit Trimble Business Center
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds before doing the command library installation in the next step. This gives TBC time to shut down completely and release all of its application components that are running. This is an important step - running the installation program to quickly after a shut down can result in an incomplete installation or update.

All TMLs and Menu Configurations part of updates carried out by TMLStatus happen at startup of TBC. A full restart is required to complete the installation process.

Note that the first time that you restart TBC after a full RPS Command Library installation it may take longer at startup than usual. This is a one time event and all subsequent startups of TBC will run as normal.

Your RPS Command Library will show up as 3 menu ribbons. The three menus are as follows:

  • Data Prep
  • Modeling
  • Tool Shed

The three menus are all prefixed by the orange R (Rockpile Logo).

Open a new TBC Project and try running a command like Geometric Selection from the RPS Modeling Menu. If the command opens then your license is active and running. If not then you need to have a license assigned to you by your license administrator. If you run an unlicensed command like Convert to Linestring from the Data Prep menu that should run at any time.

If you purchased a single seat of the RPS Command Library through the Rockpile Solutions website, you will have been assigned a license automatically. If you purchased through use of a Purchase Order and Invoice a License will have been created for you and assigned to you.

If you purchased a multi seat license, the license will have been assigned to a nominated administrator in your organization. If you do not know who that is, you can contact Rockpile Solutions for assistance.

Step 7 - Community Sign Up

  1. Head to our MYROCKPILE Community Site.
  2. Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner.
  3. Create an account using your Trimble ID credentials.
  4. If the system reports a cookies error, simply click on the MyRockpile Community badge at the top left to take yourself to the home page. From there, click the “Sign Up” button again. Your information should appear pre-filled. Save your created account again to finalize.

Signing up is necessary if you are a subscriber and want to access our library of menus, templates, drafting templates and other downloadable information that will help you to get the best out of Trimble Business Center.

Step 8 - MyRockpile Library Access

The MyRockpile Library is our Online Training Center. Here you can find our library of training videos, free to access classes, classes for purchase and classes that are made available to you through our Season Pass program. This is a great resource for further learning of both Trimble Business Center and Rockpile Solutions workflows to aid you in your work. To gain access, please complete the below steps:

If you have purchased a Training Season Pass, you will have been setup already and should have received a setup email with a link to establish your password. If you are not a Season Pass Holder, there are some free classes on the Library that you can access once you have created an Account.

  1. In your browser visit https://library.myrockpile.com/#/login
  2. At the sign up page, click “Sign Up” at the right side of the screen.
  3. Follow any instructions on screen to create and confirm your account.

If you would like to subscribe to our Traning content, you may subscribe to single disciplines through the training portal catalog. For all discipline subscriptions, please contact fergus.sharp@rockpilesolutions.com for more information. Or visit Quality Training From Our Experts - Rockpile Solutions for purchasing details.