Trimble ID Update

Trimble ID Changes on August 30 2021

Today, Trimble Inc announced their updates for Trimble ID. The updates add further security to your Trimble ID access and enables further functionality with supported services and sites. Trimble released a series of patch updates to TBC versions 5.3 and higher to support the changes. No older versions of TBC support Trimble ID and as a result TML commands also.

Trimble patch versions as follows are needed to run the new Trimble ID and all TML extensions

TBC v5.3.3
TBC v5.4.1
TBC v5.5.2
TBC v5.6.x

So, what do you need to do to keep up to date?

First and foremost, check your edition and version of Trimble Business Center. In TBC, visit the “Support” ribbon and then the “About” button. This will display a pop up with your TBC version. Also check License Manager to check your current warranty date to ensure that you have a warranty date that supports the patch updates to TBC v5.3 and higher.

If your warranty has lapsed or if you need to upgrade your Trimble Business Center edition, please consult with your authorized vendor. If you need assistance finding and connecting with your authorized vendor, please contact the Rockpile Staff so that we may put you in contact.

Once you have the minimum required updates of Trimble Business Center, you may update your RPS Command Library!

All RPS command library updates after v4.10 support the Trimble ID changes tbat have been made.

Please head to our main website at and download the latest installation package via the blue icon. if you need instructions for how to get set up for the first time or to troubleshoot as you update, please visit the onboarding wiki here: Onboard Yourself with TMLs - RPS Command Library

As always, if you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Rockpile staff here on the forum or centrally at