Onboard Yourself with TMLs - RPS Command Library - TBC v2023.11 and v5.90.1x

Trimble Business Center v2023.1x and v5.90.1x and RPS Command Library v2023.1x Installation

If you would like assistance with your installation
email: Support at Support@RockpileSolutions.com
phone: 720 797 8001

TBC Version 2023.1x and 5.90.1x has a different setup procedure to that of TBC v5.80.1 and earlier.


If you are using Trimble Business Center v5.80.1 or earlier - Click Here for the installation instructions for those versions.

If you are unsure about which version of TBC you have installed, go to the Support Menu and select the About command and it will display the version number that you are working with.


Trimble ID is continuing to evolve and in this release, there is no longer any need to set up Trimble ID in Support - Options - External Services.

Here are the key process steps

Uninstalling and Installing the Trimble Business Center application if required

  • Close out all instances of Trimble Business Center
  • Back up all of your custom elements for Trimble Business Center before deinstalling, Rockpile Solutions recommends creating a folder in your Documents folder called TBC Master, Create sub folders for each of the following and keep your originals sage from TBC updates and installations

         Custom Menus
         Custom Project Templates
         Custom Toolbars
         Custom Options
         Custom Text Styles
         Custom Label for Points, Lines and Areas
         Custom Table Styles
         Custom MSI Libraries
         Custom Drafting Templates

  • Deinstall the prior version of TBC using Control Panel - Programs - Uninstall a program. Select Trimble Business Center from the list of installed programs and then click Uninstall.

  • Download the latest version of Trimble Business Center from the appropriate link - Geospatial or Construction. Here are the links to the TBC Downloads Sites. The download is the same as is the application that gets installed, so either link works.

         Trimble Geospatial - Click Here
         Trimble Construction - Click Here

  • Install the Trimble Business Center application from the downloaded installation program files. Rockpile Solutions recommends that you use the offline version to do your installation. Keep a copy of the installation package for future use should you ever need to reinstall TBC.

Download and Install The Rockpile Solutions Command Library v2023.1x

  • Go to www.RockpileSolutions.com
  • From the Downloads Page, download the RPS Command Library v2023.1x installation package
  • Make sure that all instances of TBC are closed before running the installation package
  • Wait at least 30 seconds after closing all instances of TBC before installing the command library
  • Run the installation package, follow the installation steps of the installer

RPS Command Library Pre-Requisites

To run the licensed or unlicensed commands in the RPS Command Library you need to have a valid TBC license with the Survey Advanced Edition or higher (Perpetual License) or the Site & Field (Subscription License).

You also need to be running the latest patch version of TBC version 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7 or 5.8 (RPS Command Library v5.80) or TBC v2023.1x or v5.90.1x and higher for RPS Command Library v2023.1x). Note that the RPS Command Library v5.80 and RPS Command Library v2023.1x / v5.90.1x are not cross compatible.

In addition you will also require a Trimble Identity (Trimble ID). This is your unique login to all Trimble Software Solutions and uses your email address, password plus optional 2 step authentication to login and access your Trimble software licenses and services.

The RPS Command Library uses your Trimble ID to authenticate you and then matches your Trimble ID email with your RPS User Account on the RPS Servers to check for your license status. If a valid license is found, you will be enabled to work with the RPS commands.

Trimble Identity

  • To create a Trimble ID visit this web page - Click Here
  • Click Create a Trimble ID and follow the instructions
  • Once you have a Trimble ID and you have responded to the verification email that Trimble ID sends you, you can log in to your Trimble ID from the TBC Start Page

Now that you are logged in, if you have an RPS Command Library license, or if you just plan to use the unlicensed commands only, you can start a project and get started with the commands on the RPS menus.

RPS Command Library Menus

The RPS Command Library menus should be installed automatically. They will be at the right hand end of the menu toolbar and are all prefixed with the Rockpile Logo. There will be 4 or 6 additional menus as follows

For licensed users

R Data Prep
R Modeling
R Reporting
R Tool Shed

For unlicensed users

R RPS Support
R Unlicensed

If the menus are not visible, you can do the following

  • Start a new project
  • Press F12 for the Command Pane
  • In the Command Pane type MenuManager and the command should be displayed in the dialog
  • Click the Menu Manager to run the command
  • Select Reset RPS Menus
  • Select Refresh Icons
  • Optionally select Toggle Unlicensed Commands (this toggles between the 4 licensed user menus and the 2 unlicensed user menus.

The unlicensed commands are also incorporated into the 4 main RPS menus, you do not need the unlicensed menu if you have an RPS Command Library license.

If you do not have an RPS Command Library License, then there will be commands on the 4 main RPS menus that will not function, we recommend only using the Unlicensed menu in this scenario.

You can turn individual menu ribbons on / off from Support - Set Ribbon Tabs command.

If you are an RPS subscriber, you can also access the RPS Custom Menu configuration for TBC v2023.1x and v5.90.1x from this link - Click Here

Updating the RPS Command Library v2023.1x and v5.90.1x

To update your command library, you can use the TMLStatus command from the Tool Shed menu. You should also periodically check the Rockpile Solutions website for updated installation programs. The Installation packages can take care of system maintenance and cleanup if that is ever required, and it is worth doing an installation update whenever we release a new package. In between release packages, use the TMLStatus command to update your system.

  • Start TBC
  • TMLStatus can be found on the Tool Shed Menu
  • Run TMLStatus
  • Accept all of the upgrades and new commands offered and click Update TMLs
  • On completion, close TMLStatus and then close TBC
  • Wait at least 30 seconds before restarting TBC to allow TBC to release all of the commands so that they can be updated during startup.
  • Once open, go to the Tool Shed or Support menu, select Menu Manager and then select Reset RPS Menus, then select Refresh Icons and if you do / do not want the Unlicensed Commands menu click Toggle unlicensed.