Label Delta Arrows For Anchor Bolt Survey

In the spirit of what I just posted regarding slope arrows…I am also trying to see how we can re-produced our anchor bolt surveys with TBC / RPS. In the software were are coming from there was the ability to label delta arrows from a defined design location to a final as-built location. The arrows would indicate the direction and the distance would be displayed alongside.

We use this workflow to produce anchor bolt surveys as well as steel plumbness surveys. The arrows are an easy was for clients to read what is going on and identify what may need to be corrected.

Are there any existing tools or workflows that would produce a similar outcome?

I have attached 2 examples of where we use these type of labels in our deliverables.

LTS Anchor Bolt Survey 2023-05-19.pdf (2.3 MB)

LTS - Adjusted Steel Survey 2023-05-11.pdf (3.3 MB)