Streamlining Workflow -Merge/Combine Surfaces

I’ve recently needed to merge trenching models that have multiple overlapping surfaces. The workflow I’ve used so far is to merge surfaces 1 and 2, then combine the merge with each one separately. Then, I can combine the two new surfaces (1+M and 2+M) into my final desired product. I’ve looked into personally coding a TML to streamline this process into a single command, but I ran into issues with setting up my Visual Studio with the TBC Macro toolbox and can’t seem to get it working.

Is there a function that can streamline this process?

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I know this has been request a few times, by myself included, this would be very useful.

If your trenches do not touch you could combined these into a master trench surface and then merge this master trench surface with desired surface. This may cut down on a few steps.