Slope patterns TML

Hi there Rockpile

Is there any chance you’re working on a TML that can automatically draw slope patterns from e.g. a surface?
Like in Civil3D where you can draw this patterns from corridors. This would drastically minimize the time spent on as-built drawings.


That one shoukd release this week - I will turn it on for you today to take a look

We were all but done with it but we decided to move all the settings controls into RPS Settings and then we wanted to make those global for all projects to try to minimize the need to create layers manually and define settings and styles all the time so that derailed it a few days - so it works now but will change before we switch it on - we are also optimizing it a bit because often the hinge line of the slope can be really long but the daylight lines quite short and we have some pretty neat user interface stuff in the command and that was a little laggy in this scenario - but I hope we will have the finished tool this week



Really nice I will definitely try this out. Is the TML simple to learn or do you have an introduction video up your sleeve?

Alan always has something up his sleeve. LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That is the only way I can stay one step ahead of you guys! :grinning:

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