RPS Slope Designer Released Today

The latest RPS Work Process command - RPS Slope Designer has been a marathon to create but we hope it was worth the wait. It just released (October 15 2021)


The command is at home on highways, roads, sites, buildings, foundations, walls, dams, berms, mines, quarries and more - and I feel that it is an outstanding addition to our command library!

RPS Slope Designer provides a style driven approach to creating Offset Lines using

  • Offset and Slope
  • Offset and Elevation
  • Offset and Delta Elevation
  • Slope to Elevation
  • Slope to Delta Elevation
  • Slope to Surface

The command leverages the RPS Linestring Optimizer technology to eliminate VPIs along lines that are created using Slope Designer, and to convert chorded lines back into curvilinear geometry in both the horizontal and vertical profile. This allows you to rapidly create offset lines from previously offset lines with the minimum number of nodes to create better and more accurate surface models.

The command also leverages the RPS Point Creator technology to compute where the offset lines should be computed. You can set up Point Creator Styles to support Slope Designer, to generate exactly what you need where you need it - again with a high focus on building great models quickly that are optimized for size and accuracy as well as overall performance in TBC and downstream in Trimble and third party Field Equipment.

Through incorporation of Point Creator and the Offset line capabilities, you now also have a smart fast tool for the computation of 3D stakeout information for Walls, Buildings, Utilities, Structures and highways.

The command provides the following methods of computation

  • All - the full length of the open or closed source line
  • Range Serial - A series of selected station ranges along the source line - automation of start and end stations and start and end offsets, slopes and elevations is incorporated
  • Range - Parallel - A series of offset lines over the same station range with different offsets, elevations or slopes
  • Single - Create individual points or lines from selected locations along the source line - automated node cornering (external and internal corners) and the ability to add extra nodes into sideslopes to compensate for variable target surface terrain (Swales etc.)

The command allows you to vary offsets, elevations and slopes along the source lines, it also allows you to define transitions between stations - ideal for the computation of variable cross slopes or elevations along the source e.g. for Walls, Trenches and road surfaces.

The command provides smart and easy ways to create sideslopes and offset lines and eliminates the traditional “errors” encountered at inside corners and external corners along the source lines (shoelace and crossovers etc.)

The now traditional Styles and Centralized Settings approach that we are using in all of our commands allows you to create sets of settings for common tasks, that allow you to simply select the style, select the source line, select the computation mode and apply. Extremely complex surfaces can be created in seconds, and you can see the model evolve in front of your eyes as you work - this creates a more rewarding experience for the user as well as building great models for the field and increased accuracy quantities and estimates.

The video below is a marketing video that highlights some of the cool features of this command

The link below is the full command documentation and training video - you may need a couple of buckets of Popcorn for this video though - the command does a lot!

Kudos to Peter and Wyn - the incorporation of Point Creator, Linestring Optimizer and now Slope Designer Technologies has really opened up a whole new world of tools that we can create to further automate model building processes.


That’s really cool. Good job!

Thanks Alexandra - it means a lot to hear that from you - always appreciate hearing from you

Hope all that is good in your world


All good, thank you! Looking forward to a live future training. Always eager to learn new things from you!
In the meanwhile I am enjoying your new releases! Like what I see! Keep up the good work!


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Really nice tool to have in the toolbox RPS Team! Have started to use this as a compliment to when building trenches in the utilities module. The sideslope results are much, much better with this tool then with the automated once created with the trench surface.

Now @alan.sharp it might be possibe with this tool have a sideslope to a surface like rock and then follow that surface horisontally a certain length to then tie up to existing ground, what do you think.
Big request from the Nordic region :wink:

I’ve enclosed some pictures for a better understanding of what I’m after and if there are other users that might have similiar demands from autorities or whatever feel free to join in and explain how it looks like in your part of the world.

Again thanks for such nice tools RPS Team.

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