RPS Takeoff & Data Prep Workflow Updates

RPS Takeoff & Data Prep Workflow Updates

Tuesday, March 26th, 2024

Rockpile Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the RPS All Tools package for Trimble Business Center. This version continues to evolve faster, smarter and more accurate work processes for Takeoff and Data Prep / 3D Modeling applications. The Release incorporates new commands as well as significantly enhanced commands that significantly boost user productivity and simplify multi step processes.

Starting with PDF files, users can now import and geolocate PDF pages and extract all vectors using standard TBC workflows. The layers created for the vector data can now be cleaned and sorted into logical layer groups using the RPS Create from CAD Command. Working with each Layer Group, users can now select a few sample objects that they want to work with from one or more layers and isolate those layers while retaining the PDF imagery and or surface models in the graphics display using our new Multi Isolate command. Once work has been executed a single key stroke unisolates the layers and returns the graphics to their prior state. This simple tool makes it both easy and fast to get at just the data you need while processing features like contours, pads, Curb lines, lot lines, road lines etc.

The significantly enhanced Smart Edit command comes next - the command now has style.driven 3D editing allowing you to rapidly Trim, Extend, Break and Join in 3D including new methods to trim or extend by horizontal, vertical or.slope distance, trim, extend to or break at a surface intersection as well as majorly enhanced Smart Join capability. The new Smart Join functions allow you to select, join, relayer and elevate pads and contours in a single step with dedicated tools that provide hot key driven elevation entry, elevation increments or decrement as well as providing ursor fo used pop up that allow data entry and process control functions.

The use of Hot Keys and cursor focused pop ups provide easy controls for the user that maximize productivity and allow the user to keep focus on the graphics area and interact smoothly with command dialogs.

Next up is a significantly enhanced and workflow focused Adjust Linestring Elevation. In this release we have reworked the user interface to increase speed, reduce steps and automate data entry, we have added more hot key controls and have added the new Pad Mode and enhanced Contour mode. Having joined and relayered variable height lines using Smart Edit you can now elevate those lines quickly with the Spot or Plane mode in this. Command. The pad mode can elevate feom text or manually entered elevation values using our Smart Z formula entry tool to minimize numerical data entry. Optimized use of Vector Snaps provides high accuracy as well as refined control for Elevation data entry or selection.

The combination of these commands provides a dramatic boost in productivity for Takeoff and Data Prep processes while making the users life simpler and easier.

Lastly our Create Slope Indicators command has been further enhanced for slope modeling apications, adding 3D lines to long slopes improves model smoothness for machine applications by providing smaller more equilateral triangles vs long skinny triangles that can create waves or ripples on the machine blades while grading. The updated command has been improved to better handle more slope conditions. The lines created now have the override segment length property apied so that the lines are auto densified when added to a surface model.

See our Press Release for the all new QA Notebook Command!

Still to come: All New QA Floors Command for Quality Control and As Built Reporting purposes!

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