QA Notes - Command Release

ALL NEW: QA Notebook Command for Trimble Business Center

Tuesday March 26th 2024

Rockpile Solutions is pleased to announce the release of our QA Notebook command for Trimble Business Center.

The QA Notebook facilitates the creation of Project Notes directly in the TBC project file. The notes create graphical text and leader line objects that are georeferenced to the project coordinate system. The notes capture different types of information including RFIs, Errors and Omissions, Assumptions Made while bidding or modeling projects, Issues encountered, Safety Issues, Notes for Machine Operators or Field Crews.

The Notebook can also be used to record quantity information such as Pipe Lengths, Curb Lengths, Material Areas and Volumes.

The Notebook can also create high quality annotations with Leader Lines, Text and Text Borders (Lozenge and Rectangle) in 2D or 3D locations.

Create notes while you are bidding projects that can be passed onto modeling staff if and when you win the bid so that valuable knowledge and project know how learnt during each project step is not lost

Where you have multiple team members working on different aspects of the project, Project Notes from different sub projects can be aggregated together so that all information can be located in any project.

Project Notes track the information based on date, time, geolocation as well as by user for traceability.

Project Notes can be exported to PDF or Excel files (creates work sheets for each type of Note record eg RFIs for the Engineers, Supervisor Notes for On site Staff, Machine Notes for Operators and Grading Foremen.

QA Notebook is the latest in a range of QA tools for project management that includes QA Points for checking as Staked and As Built Steel / Anchor Bolt locations, QA Lines to check slopes , Slope directions, min max slope exceptions, flat spots etc. and coming shortly QA Floors for creating ASTM standard reporting for Floor Flatness and Florr Levelness from high accuracy scan data on concrete flooring.

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Should this be available to download through TML status?

This sounds like what I have been asking for from Trimble for a long time. I am very excited to see what can be done with this!

Thank you, Rockpile, for the work you are doing.


It will be once we clear up a couple of bugs and get the release out. I tend to under promise, so I’ll say it would be out by end of next week. However we’re trying to get everything cleared up and a release out sometime tomorrow.


This happens right after i decide to start a layered named “NOTES”. Can’t wait to use this command.