RPS Command Library v4.1 - Available Now (Required for use with TBC v5.5)

Yesterday. you will have seen the update for TBC v5.50 announced by Trimble, available through Check for updates or for download from the Trimble website. This version of TBC has changed a number of internal API calls that affect nearly every command in the RPS Command Library. In line with those changes Peter and Wyn have been diligently updating every TML to accommodate those changes, and Shane and I have been testing all of the tools so that they were ready for release on the announcement by Trimble.

You can download an installation package for version 4.1 of the command library using this link

Click Here to download the v4.1 Installation Package

This installer is suited to TBC v5.3x and higher. If you are running an older version of TBC with our library, please contact us for guidance as to how to move forwards. You should be aware of the changes being implemented to Trimble ID by Trimble that will come into play on August 30th. This command library update accommodates those changes also for TBC 5.3x and higher.

The process of updating all commands gives all of the commands another round of testing and refreshes the entire library and readies us for another year of active tool development. We are 100% committed to keeping the library 100% up to date and on time with each release and I want to thank Peter (especially) and Wyn for the hours they put in making this transition as smooth as possible for everyone. If you find any issue with the installation package please call me on +1 720 323 0481 and I will do my best to rectify an issue as fast as possible.

To install the package

  1. Close all instances of TBC
  2. Run the installation package installer (this installs everything including an updated TMLStatus).
  3. On completion, start TBC
  4. During startup please check for any issues or errors that could get flagged if for any reason the installer failed to clean your system correctly. If you encounter an issue please screen grab the issue and send it to us at info@rockpilesolutions.com and we will call you to take care of it.
  5. On completion of startup, please go to the Tool Shed menu, select Menu Manager and then select Reset RPS Menus. This completes the installation.
  6. You can now revert to using TMLStatus to keep your library 100% up to date going forwards.

Keep your eyes open for new commands coming later this week or early next week - more cool time saving features for Takeoff, Modeling and Data Prep.



Any idea how to get rid of these errors when TBC 5.50 is starting up?

Command Registration Error
The command “Trimble.vce.UI.UIManager.CommandAdapter” was not added. The command key “copylayergroupmembers” already exists. Use a unique command key

Command Registration Error
The command “Trimble.vce.UI.UIManager.CommandAdapter” was not added. The command key “Siteimprovementlegend” already exists. Use a unique command key

Clicking ok removes the messages and TBC starts

I did the RPS 4.1 update and also ran TML status update