Rename Layers with Prefix or Suffix

Could we get a quick TML to rename layers? Very common the layers form pdfs will start with PDF. This creates and issue because the plop themselves in the middle of my proposed layers P-“xxx”.

This could also be useful for adding things such as revision dates to linework after it has been imported into a drawing.

I could use the copy group command but this would duplicate linework and require cleaning up the original, which would then break the ties to the imported files.

Something similar to the affix name command would be great but the ability to do this with layers.

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OR possibly a re-group command. This way, we can highlight all the PDF data and click to re-group.

I have a Layer Group called PDF Layers. I always go in and highlight the layers that start with PDF and quickly move them all to that group. That way I can turn them all on or off quickly and also not get them confused with any layers that are based on CAD information instead of vectors. I know that doesn’t really fix everything, but it has really been working well for me for a while now.

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No I agree. For toggling on and off I have a similar approach. The issue come in when navigating through the layer manager.

TBC really needs a search field in the layer manager and this would solve a ton of problems. This would speed up navigation and allowing for isolating similar layers.

Pat, Check this out

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Heck yea! My search verbiage wasn’t quite right. That’s what I was looking for.

Pat, This was a game changer for me when I found this command. I had a feeling this is what you were looking for.

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Your slipping Pat. How did you let that slip on by. Now I have to give that a spin.

I agree with a search bar, also a group filter would be good

Haha I know. Way too busy.

glad you asked this question. I just had to use it for importing PDF sheet which where two PDF one with data that the other one did not have and I rather have imported the vector data then to digitize the lines. worked awesome. RPS Rocks

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Only when you Rock with us!

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