Point Cloud Properties and Definitions

Hello, This is my first post so I am happy for any feedback.

My question is what are the settings users typically use for their point cloud properties? I have recently updated mine to the current settings in the image provided. I’ve noticed much greater detail in the surface generated from the point clouds when using these settings although because of this it creates a lot of data. Just curious about what anyone else typically uses and what is recommended.

Great question but really not easy to answer - there are a lot of variables here that TBC standard functionality does not address.

We recommend the use of our Point Cloud processor because that is selective about where it retains and where it eliminates points from the point clouds based on what the surface is doing in different areas of the project.

The challenge with the settings that you show is that it all depends on the size of the project and what the ground looks like on the project - if the site is small then you need less data than if the site is large and if the site is flat like a billiard table then you need less data than if the site has a lot of terrain variation - this is the fundamental challenge that we set out to solve with Point Cloud Processor command - in that you give it some tolerances to work with and it intelligently looks at the data and determines what it needs to represent the surface accurately.

See the posts on the forum about the command - hopefully you will see what I mean

Let me know if you need help with this, we can do a call to go over the question if you would like to do that - just let me know


Thank you for the reply. Recently I have been adjusting based on these same parameters. Being how the site is and if it has lots of elevation changes. However, I have noticed even on flat sites berms and other small areas are essentially smoothed out when using a lower point count. I will look into the point cloud processor.