Linetypes in Business Center

Does anyone know how I can import certain line types into Trimble Business Center? I am particular looking to import a line type to cloud remarks within the program. I am not sure if I can export the “cloud” linetype from another business center file or not.

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Have you found the Line Style Manager? Also could potentially export a vcl with the source line and linestyle you want… I haven’t played with line types much in TBC, but these are the places I would start…

If you search “LINETYPE” in Rockpile, Alan has a very detailed breakdown of the process.

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I know where the linestyle manager is but need to import a “cloud” linetype

The following links should get you going in the right direction if you’re still needing some guidance.

If you still have some questions after taking a look at these, I can get with you to go over a few things.

i will share this maybe as a add to a TBC template project. One thing I have done with several new project. I would grab the Owner’s CAD file and dump the whole thing in my Master start up template. Once it’s all dumped in, I would then remove all the data from that dumped file. Leaving behind the traces of any text front or line type.