CL Linetype help!

I have made an attempt at creating a CL(centerline) line type and did not come out very good. Anyone have a CL they could pass along.
was not sure where to post this. my bad if its not in the right place.

Here is a set of Linetypes that I use when I need them

acad.lin (32.0 KB) acadiso.lin (24.4 KB) acadlt.lin (5.3 KB)

Use the Linestyle Manager to import them


I have a few different linetypes other than the ones from TBC. I was wanting a centerline with the text CL. I was only able to import one of your files and grab a few as somehow I already have some that you have with a different name. I attempted to create a CL for linetype. The ā€œCā€ in the cl did not come in smooth and the spacing was to close together from cl to cl. Is there any other place besides the linestype editor where you can create lines?

I do like the centerlines you have and would like a CL in that line.

Try this file and select type Center Line

acadlt.lin (5.5 KB)

alright. Little scale change and good to go. thanks again Sharp