Exporting from TBC to Topcon GPS

Trying to export my TBC model to my gradesetter that is running a Topcon GPS base and rover. Anyone have experience doing this? Thank you in advance!!

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i Do this all the time , convert all design files as well as the calibration in 3D office then export .


When i export a trimble to a topcon, I have to do a site calibration with the surveyor’s control points. then I export to autocad, then rexport to 3D office.


@Gary_Molina, we’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you endure this trial :joy:

I’m with @ryan_kolt1 on exporting from TBC, importing to 3D Office, checking and/ or tweaking the calibration based on the site calibration report from TBC, then export from 3D Office.

We just finally converted our 1 single Topcon machine control to Trimble, so hopefully we are kissing Topcon goodbye! :partying_face:


Hey Gary,

You will want to export your surface model as an .xml file type (Construction>LandXML exporter. I set the surface Desc to 2-Triangles. Then export the project linework as a dwg/dxf (CAD Tab, its preset in my machine but i believe i use DXF, if it doesnt show up, use the other). Technically the TP3(Topcon Project File) can be built in the field with a dxf and xml file, but there are alot less issues if you combine in 3D Office first (as mentioned by John and Ryan). Pay special attention to the export units on surface/linework files. I have seen imports come into the data collector/tablet with a shift between the linework and tin. It’s easy to tell if it happens (your linework will not line up with the surface) and is typically related to the international feet/us survey feet.

Joe M


Thanks all! Appreciate it.

I set the dwg/dxf export to the 2000 version. Always have problems with 2018 version.



Looks like you guys got it covered - Good Work RPS Userbase!


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One more thing: To convert a Trimble Site Cal to Topcon use this free utility. Works like a charm.
It’s called LSS-Toolkit by dtm software.


I was having issues until I tried dropping it to 2007 version.

Are there risks dropping to lower dwg/dxf exporter versions?