Duplicate VPI's after joining line

I’ve noticed in 5.7 that After joining two lines with the same elevations on both ends, TBC keeps two identical VPIs at the same location. I don’t think that was the case in the previous versions of TBC

  1. Is there any settings I can change to prevent that from happening ?
  2. Is there an easy way to remove duplicate elevation points from a line?

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I agree that it is annoying and there are even situations where the program will create both an elevated horizontal node AND a VPI at the same location (breaking an elevated line I think), but I’ve noticed this undesirable behavior for a long time over many updates.



Which command are you using to join the lines? The Trimble join command or the Rockpile Smart Join command?




The issue is with standard “TBC join” command

I concur with the comments about pain created from extra VPIs being created when breaking, joining, filleting, etc. I’d like to also be able to snap to a VPI.

@Vitalii_Vovk, have you tried using the RPS Optimize Linestring command for cleanup?

I agree that the RPS Optimize Linestring command is the best option to deal with this issue.
Thank you!

You can snap to VPIs - there is no snap indicator but it does snap to VPIs - I use it all the time - especially in 3D view.


Be careful when joining 3D lines - it can create undesirable results in 3D - it is extremely hard to do joining in 3D correctly as there are too many variables with the source data and the outcomes that may be expected or possible.

I try to avoid joining 3D lines u less they are the same elevations like contours.