Custom Earthwork Report Problem

I’ve created a custom earthwork report for boundaries and have run into a few problems

Link to the custom report template
Custom Earthwork Report 2.docx (107.4 KB)

Link to save file output results
Earthworks Volume Report1.docx (25.7 MB)

  1. Report opens up in the word, but take a long time to open up
  2. Report saves, but crashes when you try and print it or copy and paste data to excel

Check out the image below. Your supplied document has over 1-million words. When I open it in “enabled editing” it is over 2000 pages. Your filesize says it all. I have no clue how you’d fix it, however.


Thanks Andy for your input

I’ve partly fixed this, it seem the report was duplicated 300 times.

I’ve managed to fix this but still have a few formatting issue, will post the new report once fixed

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