Curb Cross Sectional Area

If you are given the typical detail for curb by the engineer how would you calculate the cross sectional area so you can put this in the MSI Manager?

here is this setting to click on. ME, personally have been leaving out the curb for my model. just have a edge top of pavement and drop my MSI point. here is a recent thread on this. not much details on it. was just a question they had.


What I am trying to calculate is the cross sectional area of the curb so I can put that information in the MSI Manager. This way it will calculate the amount of concrete needed in the takeoff report under the site improvements.

I have not messed with the transition option. The transition option allows a gap between two MSI and will fill in that gap for you. So you could do an MSI for the gap and leave a gap for the roadway and again for the other side of the road.

If I was to do this, I would draw in the TBC Plan View the shape of the curb based on the typical details, make it a closed polyline (set Auto Close property in Properties pane) and then look at the area reported - this gives me the sectional area to enter into the MSI Manager. If you know that the width of the curb is 2’ and the height is 1’ then you have 2 sq ft, but you cut out maybe 30% of that for the space in front of the curb so you have 1.4 sq ft. If you are off by 10% that would be 0.2sqft which over 1000 linear feet of curb is (0.2x1000)/27 cyds of concrete i.e. 0.74 cy of concrete - so not a big issue in the grand scheme of things just takling a swag, but if you want it 100% accurate then draw it in plan view and measure it.

You can always scale the PDF using the width of the curb and just trace it if needed (if it is truly drawn to scale.

Hope that this helps.


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I see what you maybe wanting Brian. Do you want to get the area or some type of qty. what if you drew 3 polyline or how ever many you want t to create for the curb and created a surface. Then you ca run a report off a surface to surface to top of pavement model and even do a slice view to get a cross section area. Could also do a corridor using the curb surface or use the polyline to create the corridor.

That’s exactly what we needed. We traced out an 18" Roll Curb detail and calculated it to have a cross sectional area of .91 SF. We will do the other curb types as needed.