Site Improvement section has variable thickness

When building a subgrade model I came across an issue. I created a site improvement for the gutter pan and another for the top of curb. I was then using a transition site improvement for the batter from top face of curb to the flow line in order to achieve the correct bottom of material sub grade surface. This process worked fine for 1 of the 3 gutter pan’s i have on the job. However using the same workflow the other two gutter pans change in thickness somewhere along the line work. So my gutter pan section has a variable thickness for some reason? I’m curious is anyone has come across this or can tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I will say this. If you used 3D linestring to create the surface. I would change the linstring setting “ override segment length” for all arc. It possibly default at 25’ and I would do something like 1.0’. See if that does anything.

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thank you for the reply. After much digging I realized my error was checking the calculate transitional depths box on not only the transition section but the surrounding sections as well. Once I unclicked this box for the correct two sections it worked as it should.

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No problem. Lately I have been modeling and leaving the curb out. Just a eop to top natural ground. I will have to tryout the transition. If they can only make a transition to longitudinal

Self diagnosis is always the best solution Stephen, thanks for letting us know!

This is what I was looking to achieve. Figured I would show you the end result. Thanks again for the advice.

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