Building Simple Slopes - Tie to 2D Line

Here’s a quick question I have, wanted to get the community’s input on.

Eh, I’m thinking side slope may be the easiest way, a lot of the ones I’m modeling aren’t full squares, so they’re start and stop surfaces. I hate how difficult it is with side slopes to start and stop where you want

why not put a small radius on the corners of the pad?
thinking out loud. what if you broke up the pad and extend each side another 10’-20’. then use side slope or whichever command you use to create your side slope and possibly find a intersection side slope

Slope designer allows you to do an offset Slope over a range (from and to) and you can set a start and end slope and a start and end offset it will transition the width as you are asking and keep the Slope constant - this will give you a height variation along the offset line because the offset increases with a constant Slope which means at the further offsetsthe election will be higher. If you do a Slope to elevation then you can vary the offset but the elevation is held so your Slope will vary.

If you share the file and tell me what you need I can validate that Slope Designer will do what you want - it won’t be fully automatic because varied Slope or varied offset will need controls by the user