Xlines Command Released

A popular request from ex Terramodel users - a replacement for the XLines command was released about a week ago, and then was updated this week in line with a user request for support for station intervals from a non zero start point.

The xlines command allows you to create labeled lines perpendicular to an alignment of any length and also offset if required to the alignment. It picks up on all critical points of the alignment or corridor, can be placed on any layer and you can define any number of custom locations. The XLines can be placed in 2D or 3D and can be used for Roads, Bridges, Walls, Structures and also other things like buildings. They can be used for calculations or for drafting purposes.

Check out the command documentation and video


This is great Alan. Thank you Rockpile for bringing this back. I do have one thing that would be helpful in this command. As it is written, it seems this can only be used on alignments at set intervals or stationing via a table. If we could draw xlines on any polyline or linestring as well as the alignments I would find this greatly useful. Also, the ability to draw single xlines at any distance along those lines instead of intervals would be great. I have only just downloaded it so perhaps this is already in there and I just missed it. If that is not the case, I appreciate your consideration on this.

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Happy to have this back. I don’t need it very often, but it is a huge liver-saver when it is needed.

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