Working with Imported CAD Files

In this video we explore how to navigate AutoCAD files that you import into TBC and have until now never seen the data. In many cases, you may be provided with a Master CAD file that has XREFs to many other CAD files that get loaded graphically along with any data in the Master CAD file. The XREFs are all separate drawings and can be “located” in the same area as the project or can be located in a completely different location and in some way, AutoCAD when it references them together it knows how to shift and rotate the DWG data into the “correct” geolocation, however TBC does not know that information because it is not reading the XREF data so it imports them in the true location of the file as defined by the individual DWG files. This creates an issue when you pull all the data together in TBC, and in some cases makes finding the required data hard to do.

Hope the video helps


Little late to giving it a try but after doing so I gotta tell ya that was a homerun.

Can someone point me to the right video info on smoothing out jagged contour lines from a cad file? I’m just not sure which method would be best. Break lines? I need my finish grade to be smooth. I don’t have all of the tools rps offers.

It all depends a little on what the contours really look like and how the rest of the model is being built as to how you should use the contour data.

However this is a video I recorded a long time ago that I think may help you with this issue - using standard TBC functionality

Let me know if it helps - sorry for the poor sound quality - it was a long time ago and I had issues with my Mic back then - hope it is understandable.

If not share the CAD file and I can take a look on Monday


Awesome Alan thank you!

This worked Alan for a separate issue.

My supervisor went in and edited the contours to put arcs rather than all straight lines that create 90 degree points. There may be a faster way but I’m not sure what it is.

You could use the Take Off Line command from RPS. This will create you tangent arc. Or you could use the Optimize linestring command from RPS to help take out alot of those spike. By the look it seem you could just create one contour line with actual arc and then offset those contour. or just find the top and toe of the pond.

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