Where can one find more Stroke Type fonts?

Does anyone know where one might be able find more stroke type fonts that can be added to the appropriate file directory for TBC? We are trying to get update from a RomanS font to something a little more in this century. Maybe like Arial Narrow. As much as we would love to use True Type fonts, there are issues with line prioritizations over text/plotting issues in TBC v5.80. We could simply update to the latest and greatest TBC, except we use WorksManager, which means we’re pretty well stuck with v5.80 if we ever want to import work orders in a timely and semi-efficient manner.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I cant speak to the font types but the 5.8 comment has me curious. How are you pulling your workorders? Maybe it is because I don’t use the works workflow that is built in but as worksmanager is cloud based…If I want a work order I just go get it. From worksmanager, I select the workorder(s) I want and they are promptly dropped in my downloads (or other of choice) folder. Drag and drop, don’t even unzip. Its minutes at most. I guess I’ll have to read the release notes of 5.81 to see whats broke but if it were me, I wouldn’t be waiting around on the worksmanger team. Upgrade!

I have zero issues using the latest TBC for what we use works manager for. Curious about your comment with that.

also…font space has a ton of those types of font. I use our company font on all of our drafts.

Have you tried this site

I have the master set of Stroke Fonts that shipped with Terramodel they may help some but the above site has 290000 fonts they say so i would think they may have something


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We typically import right from TBC from the WorksManager section of the ribbon. I prefer it over downloading every time. We were all used to direct import from TBC since TCC!

I tried TBC 2023.1 on a spare laptop before bothering to try it on my own. If you have lots of devices and/or work orders on a project, download times I’ve experienced are 1-2 hours, and that’s just to populate the list.

Thanks, Alan. I went to the website, but still seem to be having trouble finding .fnt fonts. Could just be searching wrong maybe?

yeah, thats gross. I get the hesitation - I have never gone the route of automatically pulling workorders. I’ll have to check it out, i may be missing out!

This is not what you are after. Maybe something to think about with future files that are sent from others. I have a empty template TBC project. This has all my setups and option already set. When I receive CAD files from the DOT owners. I dump those into my TBC template and than delate the file from the import folder. This allows me to keep any import -Fonts, Line types.

Keeps me from having to find new fonts for each new open project.