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What’s New from RPS?

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RPS Tracker newly integrated with Trimble Business Center

Measured & surveyed information obtained through drone flights, Total Station, or GPS measurement systems can be passed through TBC into RPS Tracker 3D. Get greater functionality with tracking your volumes and cut/fills utilzing TBC surfaces in RPS Tracker 3D.

Supplement your volume calculations from cycles & loads with analysis using the new surfaces integration! Allow field operations personnel, managers, and estimators to access & process data as needed using our cloud tracking software.

With integrated solutions, Rockpile works for you to to involve more of your team in data management & processing. RPS Tracker 3D integration with surfaces processed in Trimble Business Center involves the key people you need better and faster.

Rockpile Solutions Tools for Trimble Business Center

New tools, management processes, and reports are coming for TBC from RPS.

Volumes managers, coming soon, will allow better management of volumes for your projects. Fast, easy management of data and results PLUS the ability to recall results and update drawing easier than ever before. Save yourself tons of time and effort when working with volumes.

Enhancements for the estimating process in TBC are constantly being worked on by the RPS team. We want to bring you more accurate and faster processing so that you can get a higher win rate and better fiscal return for your estimating & bidding. RPS tools for TBC and Rockpile’s RPS Tracker 3D cloud software integrate together to allow you to move faster from estimating into work production.

Additional automations for drafting and plotting are coming soon. Be on the lookout for new tools, management processes, and reporting functionality from RPS for TBC!

Upgrades to the MyRockpile Library Training Suite & Technical Support Options

Improve your operations through better training and support of your staff. Rockpile Solutions is here to boost your productivity by providing your team members with the tools, software, training, and technical support you need to get better results.

The MyRockpile Library has undergone a revamp and version 2.0 is now live. With restructured training discipline tracks, integrated live training, and better analysis tools at your disposal, the learning of you and your team is easier than ever. For 2023, there are varied season pass options to cover your needs plus those of your team. TBC Basics gets the green users off the ground with the core learning needed to utilize TBC’s introductory functionality. Single Discipline tracks, such as the Takeoff Season Pass, allow users with a more narrow focus to hone in on the training they need for their work. All Discipline Season Passes allow users with multiple workflow needs to access every discipline training that we offer for a full suite of TBC learning.

The biggest enhancement to our new training platform comes with the newly available Corporate Portal and Corporate Portal+ options. Get yourself adminstrative access so that you can monitor your team’s learning, progress, and more. Available options include the ability to assign training to team members, have a branded landing page for training, and more. With the Corporate Portal+ option, receive TBC Technical Support for your team members.

Talk to our sales and training staff today to see what option is best for you and your team to maximize your learning and productivity in 2023!

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