What Version / Configuration of TBC Do I Need To Run Rockpile Solutions Commands?

These questions come up pretty frequently so we are capturing the details that you need to know here.

What Configuration of TBC is Required To Run Rockpile Solutions Commands?

TBC is available as a Perpetual License (USB or Network License) and as a Subscription License (web enabled license that uses Trimble ID for Authentication). On Perpetual or Subscription licenses, Trimble requires that you are running the Advanced Survey Module of TBC to enable the TML (Trimble Macro Library) commands (this is what Rockpile Solutions uses for it’s command creation.

On the Perpetual Licenses this means that you have to have the Advanced Survey Edition or Higher i.e Advanced Survey, Site Modeling, Site Construction and Infrastructure Editions all support TML. Viewer, Field Data, Surface Modeling and Survey Intermediate Editions will not run TML commands.

On the Subscription Licenses you will need one of the following subscriptions to run TMLs

Site and Field Subscription
Construction Subscription
Enterprise Subscription

What Versions of TBC are Supported by the Rockpile Solutions Commands?

While TBC v5.0 was when TML capability was added to TBC, Trimble also changed the way that Trimble ID works at version 5.3 and higher. Trimble when they introduced v5.62 introduced the Trimble ID changes and at the same time introduced Patch versions for 5.3x, 5.4x, 5.5x and 5.62.

The RPS Command Library uses Trimble ID for the authentication of your license for the tools, so we are 100% dependent on the following versions of TBC

Patch Version 5.30.3
Patch Version 5.40.1
Patch Version 5.50.2
Any Version of 5.60
Any Version of 5.70
Any Version of 5.80

How Does Rockpile Solutions Command Library Versioning Relate to TBC Versioning?

From version 5.70 of TBC we have been introducing a version / installation package of our command library that carries the same version numbering as TBC. At each major release of TBC we validate our commands against that version and all prior versions for compatibility and then release a new installer where all command versions are updated to that version number (whether the commands were changed or not). Our command library however is backwards compatible to the versions listed in the previous question, they have also been validated against the latest version of TBC.

How Does the Rockpile Solutions Command Library License Work?

The RPS Command Library License is not associated with the TBC License in any way. When TBC starts up it checks to see if you have a TBC license and provided that Advanced Survey Module is on that license, TML functionality is loaded. If the module s not found then the TML functionality is not loaded so TMLs will be greyed out and will not run. You have to restart TBC with an appropriate license in order for TML functionality to be loaded.

Once TBC is running and TML functionality is loaded, the TML commands when executed will check your Trimble ID (that needs to be configured and running / signed in), and then it checks your Trimble ID email against the RPS License Server to see if that email address has an RPS License. If you have an RPS License and that command is associated with the license, then the command will run. If yno license is found or if the license does not support that command, then the command will tell you that it is licensed and that you don’t have a license.

Failures can occur if

  1. You do not have a Trimble ID signed in
  2. You have a Trimble ID signed in, but the Trimble ID email does not match the email associated with your license
  3. You do not have a TBC license
  4. You have a TBC license that does not include Survey Advanced