Web map services

Does anyone have any experience with the Web Map Services in TBC? Like most TBC questions- ive searched the web with little to no helpful results.

and that my friend is why we have few Trimble Communities. To ask for help. I know sometimes you dont get an answer or takes abit longer to get a reply. there are alot of very helpful follk. What are you more looking for?

There should be a whole run-down on the TBC provided background map as well as adjusting the map to shift to data.

here is what was handy on the quick:
Maps Help

I believe that you will need a service to uitlize the Web Map Service such as: Open Geospatial Consortium

End of last year there was some scuttle regarding getting it to work: WMS Service - you might engage @M_Hufford as it seems he was able to get some of it to function…kinda

Then there is always the smash on F1 with the WMS dialogue up, its pretty vague as well

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Sorry, just now seeing this.

Thank you for your help! I knew someone on Rockpile would have an answer!