Washing Your Surveyors Site Calibration File Through TBC

I received a set of data from a customer this morning that had a .JOB, .DC, .CSV and a GGF file for a project. The customer stated that they placed the .DC File in an SCS900 Site Folder and the .GGF Geoid file in the Geodata Folder and SCS900 threw an error message on trying to open the Site.

The solution to these types of issue is to “wash” the Site Calibration information through TBC - the following video shows how to do this. This process removes all of the extraneous survey data and observations from the data as well as removes links to FXL libraries used by the Surveyor to create a clean version of the site calibration only ready for use in the field. The process does not change the Site Calibration results in any way, provided that you do not run the Site Calibration command and re-compute it.