Utility Trench Volumes with Strata Split Outs

In the video below we show you how to compute Utility trench volumes and have the cut quantities split out by strata materials (Clay, Rock, Soil, Topsoil etc.)

The important thing to understand is that utility trenches are computed using the corridor modeling engine, so to compute with strata you have to define the strata as Corridor Strata vs Takeoff Site Strata. To do this you can still use the Takeoff package to define your site strata layers and your boring logs and have TBC Takeoff compute the strata surfaces. Once computed then from the corridor menu you will define corridor strata using the Surfaces method, and then you will pick up your existing ground as Original ground surface from Takeoff and then the strata surfaces below that will be the surfaces computed using the Takeoff process for Clay, Soil, Rock etc.

Once the strata is defined, your utility runs need to specify the original ground surface as the target surface and once that has been completed you can run your Utility Takeoff report and it will now have the Cut quantities broken out by strata for you.

Video shows you how

Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply.