Using The Analyze Earthworks Balance Command

There are two ways that you can compute the raise / lower of the site to compute an earthworks balance for a project

Option 1

  • In the Takeoff Report it tells you the expected effect of raising / lowering the site by 0.1’ (Volume per 0.1’) (I just noticed that in the Custom Takeoff Report they are computing this number incorrectly - they are doing

((Total Cut and FIll Areas / 27) * 0.1) which is not right at all it should be

(Total Cut and Fill Areas * (0.1 / 3)) because the Areas are in SQYDS and the 0.1 is in feet so the 0.1/3 converts the feet into Yards so when you multiply an Area by a depth it is now in CY which is what they say they are reporting.


((Total Cut and Fill Areas / 9) * 0.1) / 27 would also give the right answer

The Earthwork Summary Report which is not available in v2023 of TBC is giving you the correct number

The Takeoff Report doesn’t report this number - it does report the Areas so you can compute it.

Option 2

  • Run the Analyze Earthworks Balance Report and that will tell you what it thinks you need to do to the Design to Balance the Earthworks.

In option 1 above - if you get the volume that is generated by raising or lowering the site by 0.1’ then you can take your Excess / Deficit number and divide it by the volume generated by 0.1’ change and that will give you the number of 0.1’ changes to make (i.e. if it tells you 6.4 then this is 0.64’ of change). Because the Total Area is made up of Cut and Fill areas the raise and lower amount will increase one value and decrease the other to balance at each 0.1’ change.

In option 2 above, the balance analysis will tell you how to raise or lower the entire site or the areas of the site that lie within boundaries that you select i.e. if you have lot areas inside the ROW for a subdivision or Sportsfield areas for a sports complex or high school project you can typically raise or lower those areas easier than you can the building pads or roads and utilities for a project.

Once you know the amount that you need to raise or lower the site / areas of the site by, you can show just the Design linework and then select the lines that you want to change and then use the Change Elevation command to change the line elevations in those areas and then rebuild your Takeoff Surfaces to create a new Takeoff Calc with the balancing in place.

Note that raising all of the Design will mean that it no longer ties with the existing around the edges, and that your roads will need to be redesigned to tie into existing etc. by the engineer - this is why I prefer to adjust just the Lot Areas or Sportsfield areas or landscape areas because then the roads and utilities are left alone and you are manipulating the areas that are less critical from a construction and drainage perspective.

Hope that this helps