Tutorial - One Page Takeoff

Click the link below to access the One Sheet Takeoff Video - It goes through the entire process of doing a Takeoff from a Single Sheet PDF page. It also shows several ways of tackling the Takeoff and all of the steps needed including

  • Importing, placing and scaling the PDF Sheet
  • Extracting Vectors automatically
  • Extracting vectors manually
  • Tracing vectors using Takeoff lines
  • What / When to Vectorize vs What / When to Digitize
  • The order of digitizing
  • How to digitize buildings with adjacent sidewalks
  • How to digitize retaining walls
  • How to use Crop Crossing to remove unwanted contour sections
  • How to elevate linework
  • How to create layers and categorize them for takeoff
  • How to create materials and site improvements in the MSI Manager
  • How to apply site improvements to finished grade surface
  • How to create overexcavation around a building pad
  • How to create and label cut fill maps and create a cut fill drawing
  • How to create a site improvement map and legend
  • How to apply Topsoil Strip and Topsoil Replacement
  • How to build takeoff surfaces
  • How to run and read a Takeoff Report

Hopefully this will help any user starting out with Takeoff processes.

Video 0 - PDF Import and Place

Video 1 - Views and View Filters

Video 2 - DIgizing Linework

Video 3 - Building a Test Surface

Video 4 - Takeoff Processes

Video 5 - Vectorizing / Extracting Vectors from PDF

Please also check out the PDF Vectors on demand command at this link - Click Here

Click Here for the Video

PDF File Used for the Takeoff
GRADING PLAN 121019.pdf (1.6 MB)

Example Completed Project
ASM Test Job v2.zip (24.1 MB)

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