Troubleshooting TMLs

In this post I will try to capture useful tips for troubleshootng TML issues

TMLNAME Showdebug

In some of the more recent commands we have started to add a Debug mode that helps the developers to identify issues in a command, From the command pane type in the command name and then space and showdebug. This will open the command and have a debug pane that will report where a command is having its issue, While the info may not be useful to you personally, copy the report data into an email and send it to us at RPS and the dev team will have it fixed in no time!

TML Updates

If you have an issue with a TML not updating properly through TMLStatus, it is possible that the command for some reason is jammed up at start up of TBC. When we download a new TML, if you look in the \Programdata\Trimble\Macrocommands folder you will find folders for Trimble and Rockpile TMLs. If you look in either folder for the TML that is not updating you will likely find that there are TMLs with an _ at the end of the extension and ones without the underscore. The one with the underscore is the new one, and TBC should replace the old one (the one without the underscore) on startup. We have seen in some cases that this does not happen, so the fix is to quit TBC, find the folder and the file without the underscore (provided that there is also one with an underscore present) and delete the one without the underscore. When TBC starts then it will install the file correctly and you will be updated and ready to go again.

TML Macrowrapper Issue

In some cases, RPS have taken what was originally a Trimble TML and we have upgraded it significantly. When we have done that we have typically moved the new version of the TML into the Rockpile Folder of TMLs - however we have found in some cases that the old command with the same name gets reinstalled by Trimble Business Center on update into the Trimble folder. This creates this macrowrapper error on TBC startup. If you see this, then again go to the Macro Folders and check the Rockpile Folder does in fact have the command present, and then go to the Trimble folder and delete the files associated with the command. In future we will rename the command so it is unique and will not cause this issue going forwards.