Trimble Business Center v5.80 Released on Friday Last Week

Trimble Business Center v5.80 released on October 21st 2022 for all users with a current warranty or subscription. There are many new features and functions for this release, the most notable improvements for contractors are the following

  1. New Snap Modes command. This allows you to hot key the Snap Modes selector to e.g. CTRL S so that you can pull it up quickly and easily when needed. We have added this to our custom Menu for TBC that you can download from our TBC Libraries and Templates section of the MyRockpile Community.

  2. Select Objects by Layer Group - when you are in Select by Layer mode. if you hold the SHIFT key down when selecting an object, all objects on all layers within that selected objects Layer Group will be selected.

  3. New Global Vertical Design - for those of you using the Vertical Design command for Data Prep purposes, you can now create a Global Vertical Design that allows you to then add random Vertical Design Controls to lines in the project. Note that you have to first add the lines to be elevated to the Global Vertical Design and then you can add rules like Elevation, Cross Slope, Cross DZ, Connector etc. to those lines. You can have one Global Vertical Design in each project.

  4. Imported File Tags - when you import a file into TBC, if you select the file and review its properties, you can now add a Tag to the file that acts as a prefix or a suffix to the file name imported. The syntax for the tags is as follows

Take a file called FRED.DXF, if you want to add a Prefix of “Rev1 - " and a suffix of " - AS1” you would enter it as follows “REV1 - ^ - AS1” to create file name REV1 - FRED.DXF - AS1.

You can group select files and apply the same Tag to all files selected.

There are other improvements to Point Clouds, Scan Inspections, Tunneling, Mobile Mapping, GIS, COGO and Web Map Server Support that may provide some additional value in certain scenarios.

  1. More CAD Object types are supported with the Layer Group and Selection Set function in the properties pane. This will make it easier to Regroup data imported from CAD files into Target Source Data Layer Groups for Design and Existing information.