Trimble Business Center v5.51 Update Released On Monday July 12th

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Trimble Business Center Version 5.51 Patch Released Today

Trimble released the Trimble Business Center v5.51 patch today.

The patch incorporates several improvements to address issues encountered with v5.50 and introduces the frequently requested Rotate Plan View functionality.

In line with the introduction of the tools to facilitate a rotated plan view, we have created the RPS Rotate Plan View command that enhances the new TBC capability through the ability to

  • Rotate the view around a free point and to a defined orientation angle.
  • Rotate the view around a free point and align to a specific line segment bearing.
  • Rotate the plan view in relation to a selected line or alignment based on a station location.
  • Rotate the plan view in relation to the orientation of a selected text object.

The screen rotation will re-center to the selected anchor point location – the first click of the free point selection, the station and offset 0 on the selected reference line or the insertion point of the text object. When you are finished using the screen rotation, a simple click of the Reset button will return the plan view to its North up orientation.

The new capability makes it easy to align your data to maximize screen real estate, make text on plans or in CAD drawings easier to read and makes graphical data selections faster to complete.

The new command is included in the RPS Data Prep Toolbox $295 or the RPS All Tools Toolbox $895. The command is tied to the v5.51 version of TBC and the Survey Advanced Edition of the software.

The command will be made available through TMLStatus this morning

The Video below shows how the new command works with the new TBC functionality