Trimble 2023.11 Patch Release

Great News - The Earthworks Summary Report is BACK!

Yesterday Trimble released the 2023.11 patch to TBC that has a few minor fixes, but the big improvement is the reinstatement of the Earthworks Summary Report!.

Here is a summary of the Release Notes

Warranty Date is Oct 1 2023 or later

Release Notes

Fixed Mobile Mapping bugs:

  • Projects were not saved after generating scans in cases where the TBC application unexpectedly closed.
  • Picking targets were not robust enough when performing a mission (or run) registration.
  • PFIX values were not applied correctly when generating POSPac Position Fixes in TBC version 2023.10.
  • There were some offsets in the coordinates between the exported LAS files with and without timestamps.
  • Performing a mission registration with a larger number of targets was not supported.
  • Short runs were not supported during scan generation.

Fixed general bugs:

  • Unexpected results could occur when creating smooth curve linestring segments.
  • In most cases, it was taking too long to download Work Orders from WorksManager.
  • The Earthworks Summary report included incorrect total volume calculations.
  • When importing stations that require uppercase names (for example, RINEX 3 long filenames), TBC imported them with lowercase names causing Internet Download to fail.
  • When performing a point cloud scan registration using scan files in a format other than TZF with a fixed station assigned (for example, scan files from a Trimble SX scanner), the refinement process could break the registration.
  • An error could occur when exporting Trimble SX station panoramas.

Coordinate System Database updates:

This patch installs the latest version of the Coordinate System Database, which includes the following enhancements:

  • Modernized support for Philippines
  • Updated US State Plane Zone Extents
  • Updated Japanese State Plane Zone Extents
  • Modernized support for Tanzania with datum TAREF11 and geoid EGM2008
  • Added new geoids ROvT4.08 for Romania and Bucharest
  • Added support for Guatemala
  • Added support for Wisconsin Transverse Mercator
  • Added new geoid model RAC23 for Corsica
  • Added new geoid DVR90 2023 for Denmark
  • Added new ITRF2020 plate motion model
  • Corrected wrong missing values in AusGeoid2020 Geoid

Note the following:

  • The geoid AUSGeoid2020(Australia) using the legacy file ausgeoid2020.ggf is now “hidden” for backward compatibility with old projects and jobs.
  • Although it is hidden for use with new projects, this geoid remains in the library and will be used as necessary when opening an old project or file to which it is assigned.
  • Geoid AUSGeoid2020(Australia)-fix was added using the file ausgeoid2020-fix.ggf, referenced as the default geoid model in all Australian Zones using this model.
  • The new geoid AUSGeoid2020(Australia)-fix provides the exact same results as the old geoid AUSGeoid2020(Australia) in all areas where the user does not get any error message. It also fixes inappropriate error messages that some users might have encountered in specific areas.