TML Validation Issue

I get the below notice much more frequently then desired. I resolve it by going to options, signing out of Trimble, then signing back on. What can I do to avoid this exercise, which occurs seemingly weekly?


I forgot to mention this pops up when trying to start using a TML. And it’s generally first thing in the a.m. when I start using the software after having put my workstation to sleep overnight.

You may need to create a New Options File Richard - your Trimble ID setup from an earlier version that used the Trimble Connect method has been superceded by the new Trimble ID method that is a global sign on to all Trimble Web Services - it seems to be reading it, but losing it at start up. I would delete the External Services Profiles and create a new one using the Trimble Identity approach in 5.31 and higher and see if that fixes the issue.

If you get that to work, save the options File out to update your old one.

If that doesn’t work let me know and I will call you to take a look


It’s not obvious on how to delete a profile and create a new one. I just had to sign out / sign back in literally 5 minutes between using RPS TML commands. It’s getting tedious as a) at times there is a lag after clicking the TML icon before the command starts, if it starts or errors and b) it happens too often and not just at start up. In fact, happens less at startup and more during production.

Disregard. I believe I may have gotten it…

It’s another one of those “if it was a snake it would have bitten you” deals my wife so often mentions.

Are you running 5.52 - I have been running that for weeks now and have not seen the issue - they fixed it in 5.52 I believe


Yes 5.52 for a few weeks now.
Deleted the profile and created new as you suggested.
So far so good. Fingers crossed.

Nope… logged me out again
Odd thing is, I’m still able to get Digital Globe so it only seems to screw up the TMLs

There are times I get a message when trying to us a TML as well. When that message pops up, I am out allowed to used any TML. What has worked for me Is just exit the project and reopen . No more messages and then I am able to use the TML. Happens maybe once or twice a month