TBC v5.90 RPS Custom Menu

RPS Menu Configuration for TBC v5.90 (RPS Menu File v5.90A)

Last Updated - June 23 2023

As a part of our roll out for TBC v5.90 here is our updated menu configuration 5.90A for TBC v5.90. This menu configuration contains RPS Commands on the key workflow menus (Data Prep, Elevate & Model, Takeoff etc.) so that they become a part of your standard procedures.

The custom Menu includes a custom set of menu ribbons, custom toolbars and command shortcuts for TBC. The menu is managed and supported by Rockpile Solutions and is provided to customers with a valid support, license or training agreement with us.

Download the RPS Command Library v5.90

To add the RPS Command Library to this Menu Configuration, you will need to first install our TBC v5.90 installation package. This will be made available on the Rockpile Solutions Website on June 23rd 2023.

Download Menu Configuration RPS Menu File v5.90C

RPS Menu File v5.90C.bin (5.9 MB)

Load the Menu Configuration File

To load this menu configuration, go to Support, Customize Ribbon, Select Import and then browse to locate the 5.90A Menu configuration file that you have just downloaded.

Adding the RPS Menus to the Menu Configuraton

The RPS Menu Manager Command can be found on the Support Ribbon. Run the RPS Menu Manager Command and then select Reset RPS Menus and Refresh Icons.

If you are a Licensed user of the RPS Command Library, you can turn off the Unlicensed Command Menu here also.

If you are not a Licensed user of the RPS Command Library, you can turn off the 4 licensed command menus in the Set Ribbon Tabs command accessed from the Support Menu.


No more tabs for all of the RPS tools? So the Data Prep, Modeling and Tools that had only the RPS commands in one location?

Use Menu Manager in Tool Shed or Support Menu and Reset RPS Menus that will give you the 5 tabs - then toggle Unlicensed to hide that menu since you wont need it.