TBC to Earthworks Text Labels not visible

Hi Community,
I need a little help if possible. I created a 3D linework model for a 360 excavator which is running earthworks. The Linework represents surface water & foul water drainage runs, including the manhole chambers. The 3D linework is visible & selectable in the cab but none of the text labels for the pipe runs / manhole information is visible. Any Ideas why the text labels created in TBC are not showing in earthworks?


I seem to remember this issue coming up before, either here or TBC community, but I can’t find the thread. What I remember is that when you go to using 3d lines, Earthworks, only shows 3d elements and if the text/annotation elevation is “undefined” it won’t show. I believe the work around solution was to elevated the text to at least elevation 0 vs undefined?

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Thanks Ruth - I don’t recall seeing that one before - data eh!

Hi community, Sion from SITECH UK helped fix this issue.

The text must have the following properties:
JUSTIFICATION = Bottom Left (the justification is set to “middle centre” as standard so this needs to be changed)


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Thanks Nick - good one to know about


Text from TBC to Siteworks/Earthworks is a pain. When you can, I recommend exploding this down to cad text over mtext.

If all of you out there could capture all of the issues that you have with exporting SVD / SVL / DSZ and then VCL files to Siteworks or DXF TTM or PRO for Siteworks in this thread we may be able to do something that helps at some point.

It seems like the process of prepping data for these systems is a bit like project cleanup - we could run a process on the data either as we export the file types or as a step prior to exporting - I don’t really want RPS to do this type of work as this really should be Trimble domain but maybe we can do somethings to assist.



I am having this problem with a model I built I noticed it when I went to calibrate the site. I asked Trev what he thought we tried a few things then he sent me this thread. I Went to My VCE and made the changes Nick suggested justification= bottom left width factor=1.Exported it again as a dxf opened it in business center all looked fine. I put the file in my tsc 7 and all my text is duplicated just one above or next to the other. Any ideas?

I have had to explode the text, alignment labels and pipe labels for them to show up. That’s what has worked for me. Goes the same for any dimension text that was created as well. Siteworks seems to leave that out if I don’t do that process.

My guess is that Siteworks only supports CAD Text not Multiline Text - so exploding the text will work because it converts MText into CAD Text.

I would have to try it but cannot do that for a week but that is my guess.