TBC - Sheet View Slow to toggle between sheets

Does anyone else find toggling between sheets views very slow? I have been using sheet view quite a bit in the past couple of weeks for cross section takeoffs and drafting and have noticed this.

I think I narrowed down the culprit to plan grid sheet sets being the slowest. Probably because of the cross referencing of data. Loading time between 5 and 10 seconds.

Are there any tricks to speed this up?

if you are showing raster images including shaded elevation or CF Maps or background images or drone images they will create a slower regen of a sheet than just linework. Also large amounts of Text will also slow you down, True Types more than stroke fonts. Hatch Patterns and Solid Fills will also slow things down some as well.

Key is to display just what you want and need and be aware of images, fills, hatches and true type fonts as they are the most graphically intensive objects.