TBC removing elevations from points


Since running 5.81 I have noticed that every once in a while TBC will wipe all the elevations from my points. Most recently I imported and csv file with control points for a highway job. I have built the models and I exported my data out through the new WM flow and when I got t the field I had no elevations on any of my control points. I went back into TBC and sure enough all the points had the elevations deleted but everything else from the point was intact. The site is not calibrated and I imported the points as grid only points that can’t be moved or elevated. So why did TBC wipe the elevations? Is this a bug?

I deleted the points and imported them again and the elevations came through just fine. Reexported through WM and and now have them on my T7. Something is weird here. What could I have done to make TBC act like it had no clue about the point elevations anymore?


My guess is that you used Change Elevation command and set them to undefined when you did that to some other data by mistake - I have never come across something like this where it happened on its own - pretty unlikely I would say based on the way that TBC is structured.