TBC - New 30 Day Trial Procedures

Trimble has updated the way that they handle 30 Day Trials for Trimble Business Center.

In line with Trimble’s push towards Subscription based licensing, the new 30 Day trial procedures utilize a subscription based approach to the trial.

The new process involves the following steps

  • Download and install the TBC Software
  • Sign up for the 30 Day Trial Program
  • Create a Trimble ID
  • Start TBC
  • Log In to your Trimble ID
  • Go into Support Menu and select License Manager
  • Select License Type - Subscription
  • Under Subscription it should show “Enterprise - Your Name [Available]” however in my testing it showed “Enterprise - Your Name [Not in Use]” and when I hit apply it would tell me that there was no available seat available. So I had to do the following (I guess this is teething problems)
  • Click Subscription License Manager
  • Once loaded I had to select Remove Seat and then Assign Seat to get this to work. I go back into TBC License Manager and click the refresh icon next to the subscription field and now it says [Available] and then click Apply. This then shows the Features Licensed by Trimble Business Center Enterprise and I can then say OK and get on with using TBC and my trial license.

If you want to try out the RPS commands, please call us to discuss a trial and we can get that setup for you also.

Video shows you how

Hope this helps