TBC Inframodel format

Hello everyone!

My question is about exporting Inframodel format from TBC.
For those of you who don´t know Inframodel is LandXML extension that is pretty much requirement if you want to do infra construction designs in Finland (and Scandic countries) https://buildingsmart.fi/infra/inframodel/
Inframodel consists line codes and attributes, surface codes, alignments, etc. And multiple machine control systems support Inframodel.

My question is about exporting that format.
TBC has built in Inframodel export, line codes, surface codes, etc. work great, but I can´t seem to get break lines and surfaces exported to same file. And that is kinda crucial. Alignments and surfaces work, also alignments and break lines, but not break lines and surfaces.
Tried pretty much everything: Different types of lines, line work added to surface, different codings.

Any top tips would be appreciated!


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The guys at Civilpoint have created an Inframodel v4 Exporter as a TML for TBC which is available to customers in Finland via Civilpoint, SITECH and Geotrim. It apparently does the Surface plus Breaklines and Points etc.


Hi Alan,

But if there is a macro for it, there is also “the hard way” :smiley:
I can do the codes and attributes manually, but getting linework to surface seems impossible.
Does anyone know how to export xml-file that contains surface and linework?


For landxml yes but not for inframodel other than via the macro from Civilpoint


We can work with LandXML also. (I can add attributes manually to file)
So, how do you export LandXML that has linework and surface in same file?

We normally output either the source data (points, breaklines, boundaries) and then the receiving software makes the surface from the source data or we provide the 3D Triangles (point list and 3D Faces) and the receiving software uses those to make the surface.

The options are in the landxml export function - one says optimize for data, another ssys points and breaklines and the other option says i think triangles.

The points and breaklines method will generate the linework.


Points and breaklines option will create points and breaklines, but not surface to file.
Triangles will only create surface, no breaklines
Optimized for data will create points and faces but not breaklines

That is down to your software and how it reads a LandXML - the data is all there in the file for you to make a TIN model and or Points and Breaklines.


I’m in Utah but I find this interesting. Always good to learn how things are done in other Countries. Thanks for the post. :call_me_hand: